Monday Quote Day #4

monday quote day 4 -

A little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to go to London in 2015. Which was a feat at the time, considering that I worked as a hostess at a restaurant and did freelance graphic design on occasion. But this was a dream I had been chasing for almost ten years, and I wanted to make it come to fruition.

So I saved. Any time I got a $5 bill in my tip outs, I put it in a savings jar. If I got any bill larger than $10, I put that in a jar too (and I wound up with a few twenties going in that way). I put 20% of all my paychecks in savings. And I cut back on pretty much all unnecessary spending.

In late January of this year, I booked my flights and AirBnb. In June, I was heading to the airport for a full day of travel on my way to Heathrow.

A friend of mine shared a really relevant comic recently. It was based on a speech Shonda Rhimes gave at Dartmouth last year. In the speech, Rhimes argued that the people who achieve their dreams are the ones who work hard and make sacrifices out of sheer determination to see their dreams realized.

After my experience of making my London trip possible, I am inclined to agree. As with most things, you get out of your dreams the work you put into making them possible. In my case, it required a lot of saving money. And now I get to focus all of that energy on finding a job, and hopefully one that will take me back to the city I love so much (here’s looking at you, London).

How do you motivate yourself to work towards your goals? I know I’m attending an entrepreneurs conference this week to help me get on track.

Happy Monday, everyone!