"Monday" Quote Day #5

monday quote day 5 - gracelavery.com

This quote echoes one of my biggest struggles over the past few years: learning when to put my phone down. I’m sure most people frequently find themselves in the same situation. After all, we’ve devised party games around not using them.

That said, I’m struggling to find balance between unplugging (which everyone seems to think we should be doing nowadays) and my budding career in social media. Which is truly the correct path? Should I be listening to my parents when they tell me to put my phone down? Should I continue doing my research/work?

Hopefully these are some things that I will start to figure out this year through further development of my own business. After all, a big part of PACE Club is building time into your schedule to be away from work and more tuned in to the things you want to support in your life (whatever those may be).

In the meantime, though, I plan to focus on focusing. Meaning: working on one task at a time instead of trying to “multitask”, putting my phone away when with friends or family, etc. I want to take the time to be present. Engaged. Truly in the moment.

How do you find your focus? What do you do to stay in the moment?

Happy Monday, everyone!